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Welcome to TINOS island! Welcome to Tinos of the 20 windmills.

Tinos of the 1000 pigeon-houses. Tinos of the 50 villages waiting to be explored. Tinos of the co-existence of Greek - Orthodox and Catholics. Tinos of the Venetian fortifications.

Tinos of sculptors and artist painters, Gyzis, Chalepas and Tsokles. Tinos of the basketweavers. Tinos of the 800 churches, Tinos of Megalochari (the Graced Madonna). Tinos the all dressed in green, the waterbearer, the little known. Tinos of the Monasteries. Tinos the island of the fear of the Pirates, of the 16.000 political or religious refugees during the 18th century.

Hotel Tinos Island

Tinos of the ceramists. Tinos of the ancient fountains carved in marble. Tinos of the stone Giants in Volax. Tinos the untainted by the Turkish occupation.

Tinos the honeybearer. Tinos of yesterday, of today, of tomorrow. It does not shout its beauty like Mykonos, it does not show off ancient charms like Delos. Tinos would rather be discovered!

Tinos, a spectacular island that pulses with numerous resorts of unparalleled aesthetics, is considered to be an ideal destination for those who are craving a unique experience to eternally cherish. In order to luxuriate in the elegant archaeological profile of Tinos, in order to relish the enchanting natural beauty of the whole landscape, and in order to enjoy the modern mentality of today's lifestyle, it is an indispensable fact that you will need the undivided support of a specialized tourist website. Considering this need in a serious manner, we are pleased to present you with an integrated travel website, designed especially for those of you who are considering the thought of visiting the magnificent island of Tinos, in order to achieve an unforgettable getaway, a special escapade.

Browsing through the detailed web pages of our complete website, you will have the opportunity to receive all the information that you have always wanted to learn about the island of Tinos, as well as detailed information concerning the tourist services that we offer you during your stay on Tinos, when you finally decide to visit this multifarious and multilateral country. If you are looking for Hotel, service or other travel-related services that are needed in order to plan and organize your holidays in the most optimum possible manner, via our web pages you will be have the chance to find everything that you need to know in order to make your visit to the exquisite island of Tinos an unparalleled experience.

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